Renewable Energy Sources

Birleşim Yeşil Enerji,

Birleşim Yeşil Enerji was established with the principle of producing energy with methods that do not put the future of humanity at risk and with the aim of taking an important place from renewable energy sources in the production potential that will be greatly needed in the future.

In line with this principle and target, it has focused on providing high efficiency and financial success by making use of the engineering background, know-how and technological experience of Birleş Grup Companies.

Today, growing production, increasing contribution to the environment…

Birleşim Yeşil Enerji,
is rapidly increasing its power to prevent production and carbon emissions for Turkey's present and the future of our world.

Energy Provided Housing

Energy Provided Housing

Birleşim Yeşil Enerji 's annual productionin 2022, has reached a level to meet the needs of 42 thousand houses.

Prevented Carbon Emissions

Prevented Carbon Emissions

The performance of Birleşim Green Energy's existing power plants in preventing carbon emissions by using solar radiation which is a renewable energy source with great potential in our country, will reach 56 thousand tons/year by the end of 2022.

Produced Renewable Energy

Produced Renewable Energy

Birleşim Yeşil Enerji 's solar-based, renewable energy production reached 86.2 million kWh in just two years.

Birleşim Yeşil Enerji

86 .200.000 kWh

Energy produced

ready to produce more

Birleşim Yeşil Enerji aims to make a 500 MW investment
plan in Turkey and abroad.

Birleşim Yeşil Enerji
Investment Criteria

Investment criteria focused on financial results...

Power plant investments of Birleşim Yeşil Enerji, financial advantages,
site selection criteria that increase operational efficiency and advanced technical
implementation standards.

Turnaround Time
Turnaround Time

Turnaround time, license status, YEKDEM support etc. criteria, which significantly affect the level of financial advantage, guide the investment decisions of Birleş Green Energy.

Site Selection Criteria
Site Selection Criteria

Site selection criteria, land features affecting operational efficiency, climatic data, etc. are the primary decision criteria.

The Nature of EPC Services
The Nature of EPC Services

The nature of EPC services, equipment, build quality, safety, etc. It is within the scope of technical application standards that are emphasized.

License and YEKDEM Advantages
Birleşim Yeşil Enerji's currently operating power plants are licensed by EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority) and covered by YEKDEM (Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism).

Features that Make Birleşim Yeşil Enerji Different

Operational practices focused on financial results…
The goal of Birleşim Yeşil Enerji is to create the differences that make the "green greener" with high performance, high safety, high efficiency.

High Availability Rate

With an availability rate of over 99.7%, 24/7 uninterrupted energy production is provided.

24 Hour Central Control

Production performance is monitored from the center for 24 hours, and remote intervention is provided when necessary.

Insurance Preventing Loss of Income

Material damages and income losses are covered by insurance against situations that may cause production interruption.

7/24 Security

Facilities are protected by security teams on duty 24/7 and advanced security equipment/measures.

24/7 Technical Intervention

Experienced technical teams at the construction site monitor the operation 24/7 and perform emergency response when necessary.

Uninterrupted Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and repair of the high voltage section is under the responsibility of teams of specially certified electrical engineers.

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